Peter Kindel is Head Cheesemaker at our organic Creamery, where he is in charge of producing all of our farm’s award-winning cheese.

Peter has studied and worked with cheese for over twenty years. Originally from the USA, his life of cheese making began with a trip to France in 1994 and since then his lifelong passion has taken him all over the world. In the UK he is best known for helping to develop the popular Ogleshield cheese with Jamie Montgomery of Neal’s Yard Dairy.

For Peter, the artistry of cheesemaking is in the Cheesemaker’s response to constant changes in the conditions of the milk and cheesemaking environment; cheese is about extending the shelf life of milk and best described as “controlled spoilage”.

Peter’s favourite cheese is Cheddar. His first taste of a proper Cheddar on a trip to Europe after growing up with inferior “cheddar” in the United States is the moment Peter credits as inspiring his interest with cheese in the first place.

Peter says: “as a Cheesemaker, Cheddar is a lesson in patience; you make a small change, then you have to wait 8-10 months and assess. Making Cheddar requires complete patience, good note-taking and observation, and a sense of what’s missing.”

Peter loves the challenge of improving quality and creating new products and is passionate about bringing more nuance, vibrancy and consistency to the Creamery at Daylesford.

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