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Each day our creamery produces a dairy range of organic full fat, skimmed and semi-skimmed milk, and cream. Our milk is non-homogenised as we prefer to leave it in its natural form, which gives it a delicious creamy taste.

Not only does our organic milk taste great, but studies show that organic whole and semi-skimmed milk has more beneficial omega-3 fatty acid, Vitamin E and beta-carotene than non-organic milk, whilst studies by Glasgow and Liverpool Universities found that UK organic milk has 68% higher levels of the essential fatty acid than non-organic milk.

We’re particularly proud of the packaging we use for our milk. The innovative Ecolean pouch that our creamery uses is made from Calymer, which contains 40% chalk, a natural material that requires no chemical processes to extract it and uses minimal energy to produce. This adds up to a significant reduction in our milk packaging’s carbon footprint compared to a standard HDPE plastic bottle:

Energy Consumption: It takes a quarter of the energy to manufacture

Production Waste: It generates 72% less production waste

Water Pollution: It generates 93% less water pollution

Greenhouse Gas Emission: It emits a quarter of the greenhouse gases during manufacturing

Our delicious, organic milk is the vital key ingredient in our success as award-winning makers of cheese.


Our handmade Cheddar is made by a traditional processes. It is wrapped in cotton cloth and turned regularly to distribute the flavour evenly. Our Cheddar matures for at least 9 months as it traditionally should to give it a full, rich farmhouse flavour. At Christmas we offer our extra reserve Cheddar; matured for at least 18 months for a really mature taste.

Daylesford Cheddar has won awards at the Soil Association, Great Taste, British Cheese and World Cheese awards.

Our single and double Gloucester cheeses contain milk from our herd of heritage Gloucester cattle. They are aged for 8 weeks. Single Gloucester has a Protected Designated Origin (P.D.O.) and can only be made in Gloucestershire using the milk from a dairy herd containing Gloucester cattle.

Single Gloucester and Double Gloucester cheeses have won awards at the Three Counties Show, Great Taste, British Cheese and World Cheese awards.

Baywell is our full bodied soft cow’s milk cheese which is named after the herb rich pastures of the Daylesford farm. It is allowed to mature for 9 weeks, and the rind is washed which gives it its unique flavour.

Baywell won gold at the British Cheese Awards 2012, and went on to win ‘Best Organic Cheese’ at the show.

Adlestrop – named after a village near Daylesford – is a medium strength, semi-soft cheese which is rind washed with a culture to give it its unique taste. It is matured for 10 weeks.

Adlestrop won a gold at the British Cheese Awards 2010, and went on to win ‘Best Organic Cheese’ at the show.

Bledington Blue
Bledington Blue and a rich, piquant flavour and a soft, creamy texture. We love it with pears, spread on our toasted sourdough bread.

Bledington Blue has won 1st prize at The Three Counties Show, a bronze at the Frome Global Cheese Awards and has been short-listed for the BOOM Awards 2016.


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