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Get Well Soon Hamper with new Real meals 1032×1032
Get Well Soon Hamper with new Real meals 1032×1032

Get Well Soon Box


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The perfect care package to send to people who have been under the weather. This collection contains nutritionist-recommended favourites to help you feel better, including nourishing broths, juices and tonics.

Get Well Soon Box Includes:

Chicken Bone Broth with Ginger & Greens – This nourishing organic chicken & vegetable broth is rich in minerals, gelatine and protein. Our organic meals, soups and broths are made by hand on our farm, using fresh produce and slow cooking to bring out the natural flavours

THAI CHICKEN BROTH – We have made this hot and sour soup with our nutritious chicken bone broth, seasonal greens, perfectly balanced aromatic herbs, lemongrass and red chilli. Perfect with a squeeze of fresh lime.

10HR BEEF BONE BROTH – High-protein, nourishing broth made with grass pastured organic beef bones from our own farm. A good bone broth is slow-cooked to help release high-quality collagen.

B FRESH BOOSTER 60ML x 2 – An intense shot of cold pressed goodness – ginger, lemon, turmeric and honey.

Orange JUICE 75CL –Sweet citrus juice pressed from sun-ripened Valencian and navel oranges, pure and unfiltered. Grown in biodynmaic groves and ripened on the tree for the fullest flavour and harvested using traditional methods.

KEFIR 500ML – Naturally fermented organic milk with the live cultures we love. Smooth, tangy and perfect for smoothies, dressings, dips, marinating meat and vegetables and mixed in to bread dough and cakes. Made from the milk of our Pedigree British Friesian dairy herd.

GINGER & TURMERIC HONEY, 227g Soft set honey with sweet notes of turmeric and ginger; perfect on toast.

CLARITY TEA 30G – Invigorate yourself with our sweet peppermint blend. Stride on through the day, avoiding the post-lunch slump with refreshing mint and liquorice root to sweeten and help you beat sugar-cravings.

VITAMIN C IMMUNITY FORMULA – This combination of gentle buffered vitamin C with antioxidant-rich berry powders that work with the vitamin C for extra punch. With added zinc, one of the most important minerals to support the normal functioning of the immune system.

Please note, this collection arrives in standard Daylesford wicker-effect recyclable boxes. The white box pictured is not included.

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