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Nurture Book 1032×1032
Nurture Book 1032×1032



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With seasonal recipes that will nourish your body and mind, this beautiful book opens the gates to Daylesford Farm and tells the story of how it all began.

I begin every day by taking my dogs for a walk around the farm. The dairy’s milking team will already be hard at work and I’ll usually see a few heads among the vegetables. And as I look around, I am so proud of what I see. What began as a desire to feed my family in a better way and to make a small difference to the future of our planet has grown from a collection of empty barns and bare fields to become Daylesford.’  Carole Bamford

“Nurture is a book full of wonderful photographs and delicious recipes. Carol Bamford shares her passion and commitment for making our planet more sustainable, healthy and beautiful.” (Ruth Rogers)

“Lady Carole Bamford and Daylesford Farm have really influenced my career and the way I think about food. They still continue to inspire me today for many reasons. When I went to work for the Bamfords in my mid twenties, my whole world came from fancy 3* Michelin cooking after years in France. Carole made me stop and think and appreciate not just the joy of food but also the journey of food to the table. Her imagination and eye for styling and decorating is second to none and I especially treasure her ability to create memories of a meal by bringing all the seasons into the table settings and the whole experience. The way she decorates her dinner tables is the most captivating I have seen with a real sense of stylish simpleness yet that special attention to detail. All this has been beautifully captured in the new book, Nurture. A real treat to readers to be part of her exciting journey…”
(Tom Kitchin)

“When I finally grow up, I want to be Carole. Her vision, taste, authenticity and integrity are second to none.” (Claudia Schiffer)

“I am so thrilled that Carole has decided to share the marvellous story of Daylesford. She is an inspiration; encouraging us to reflect on how we view food and how it is produced, how we look after ourselves through diet, wellness and the importance of taking time to relax. We could all truly benefit from embracing, even a little, of Daylesford’s world and ethos.” (Ben Elliot)


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