Wellness Workshop: How to get a good night's sleep

10th Nov 2022 10:30am - 12:30pm
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Whether you are sleep deprived or an over sleeper, getting the right amount of sleep and harnessing a balance is crucial for our wellbeing.

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Led by our resident nutritionist and wellness expert Rhaya, this two hour workshop will cover practical sleep techniques to create an optimum environment for quality rest.

In Britain, the average adult sleeps just six hours per night which is below the recommended amount of seven to eight hours. Sleep benefits us on a physical and mental level, meaning that taking steps to get a good night’s sleep can transform our health. You will learn how to re-establish natural rhythms to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed each morning to aid a restful, restorative sleep.

Booking: Book online. For more information, contact the Daylesford team on 01608 731 700 or email events@daylesford.com

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