April 2024

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  1. Curry Night
    5th Apr 2024 - 07:00pm

    Nothing enlivens the senses like a curry night. Join us in the Cookery School for a very special evening of feasting, inspired by fragrant spices and classic curry dishes.

  2. Effortless Canapés
    17th Apr 2024 - 10:00am

    Ever popular, our canapé classes at The Cookery School are always a sell out. Whether to kick off a dinner party or as the main event to accompany drinks, canapés are the first morsel your guests will try and a great chance to make an impression.

  3. Artisan Bread Making
    20th Apr 2024 - 09:30am

    Join us to learn some of the secrets behind our delicious loaves from sourdoughs to seeded loaves, rolls, multi-grains and enriched doughs.

  4. Nose-To-Tail: Butchery Masterclass
    25th Apr 2024 - 09:30am

    The passion and respect we have for our animals is paramount in developing our award-winning organic meat. Our Nose-To-Tail: Butchery Masterclass will allow you to follow and understand this journey, as well as gain practical tips and techniques from our expert chefs and butchers.

  5. Pasta Masterclass
    24th Apr 2024 - 10:00am

    We love sharing our knowledge and passion with masterclasses such as this half-day course all about pasta. Our tutors will cover three different pasta dough techniques, the shaping process, regionality and of course delicious, simple sauces to accompany them.

  6. Wild & Foraged
    24th Apr 2024 - 09:30am

    Foraging is a traditional, age-old skill that we are passionate about at the Cookery School, offering the opportunity to harvest and eat the most delicious, seasonal ingredients from nature’s larder for free.

  7. The Perfect Easter Table
    1st Apr 2024 - 09:30am

    Easter is always a special time of year at Daylesford, join us for this hands-on course and celebrate Easter time as we create a spring feast and delicious treats to mark the end of Lent.

  8. The Italian Kitchen
    5th Apr 2024 - 09:30am

    Go beyond pasta with this hands-on course that celebrates regional Italian cuisine. You will learn how to make popular and lesser-known dishes from scratch, whatever your experience.  Menus will change throughout the year and will always be inspired by the seasons.

  9. Family Cooking Together
    7th Apr 2024 - 10:00am

    Food and cookery is a wonderful way to bring families together in the kitchen, but this time you won’t have any washing up to worry about! 

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