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Daylesford organic garlic
Daylesford organic garlic

organic garlic


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Add heady aroma and flavour to dishes with this organic garlic. Garlic contains potent antioxidants which are good for your gut and can help build resilience.

A mainstay in all sorts of cuisines, organic garlic is extremely versatile. Bash a clove or two in a pestle and mortar along with fresh basil leaves, olive oil, pine nuts and hard cheese for a homemade pesto, whizz up in a blender with cooked chickpeas, tahini and lemon juice for an easy houmous, toss into a hot wok for delicious stir fries, or add unpeeled whole cloves of garlic to the tin next time you roast vegetables, a chicken or a joint of meat.

For more ideas on harnessing the unmistakably pungent yet sweet characteristics of garlic, try our recipes for easy and moreish GARLIC AND THYME MUSHROOMS ON TOAST, comforting CHICKEN BROTH, or this addictive sage and garlic butter.

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From an organic supplier in Spain


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