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DF HANDSPADE 40CM-1032×1032
DF HANDSPADE 40CM-1032×1032

Small Spade


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Made with robust steel and smooth, ergonomically crafted ash wood, this small spade is a great tool for gardening enthusiasts.

The lightweight 40cm handle and small head makes the small spade easy to manoeuvre. Ideal for digging and breaking up root-laden, compact and heavy clay soils before planting.

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made from carbon steel and solid ash


Head 11.4cm x 17cm (4.5” x 6.75”)
Total length 51cm (20”)
Weight 0.65kg

About the supplier

De Wit is a respected Dutch maker of fine garden tools. Founded in 1898, the family-owned toolmaker combines old-fashioned quality and craftsmanship with innovative design to create superior tools that last a lifetime.

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