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The Bamford Soothing Hamper


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A carefully curated hamper to provide some precious moments of calm. The botanical fragrances of the skincare and scented candle gently awaken the senses while the tea infusion is soothing and restorative.

Hamper contains:

  • Geranium hand and body lotion
  • Geranium hand and body wash
  • B calm org tea infusion x15
  • Bamford casper tea pot
  • Bamford large casper cup x 2
  • Bamford garden wisteria candle

Each hamper is individually packaged by hand in our signature white wicker baskets with leather straps.

For every Daylesford Organic hamper sold, we will plant a native broadleaf tree as part of our ongoing commitment to promoting biodiversity and restoring wild habitats. Find out more here.

Available for delivery from 6th December

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