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Colossal Hamper


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The ultimate showstopper, brimming with exceptional products from Daylesford. Two large white wicker hampers carefully packed with several bottles of wine, a wide range of tempting larder goods from staples to luxury items and a staggering selection of mouth-watering treats.

Hamper contains:

  • Daylesford falerio DOC 75cl
  • Prosecco frizzante 75cl
  • Leoube rose magnum 1.5L
  • Sparkling de Leoube Rose Magnum 1.5L
  • Leoube red magnum 1.5L
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil 500ml
  • Aged balsamic moderna 250ml
  • Large savoury biscuit tin 960g
  • Pea and basil dressing 230ml
  • Pad thai dressing 230ml
  • Mint jelly 220g
  • Horseradish sauce 180g
  • Hot pepper jelly 220g
  • Dill sauce 220g
  • Piccalilli 227g
  • Strong english mustard 170g
  • Brown sauce 250ml
  • Tomato ketchup 250ml
  • Grilled artichokes 280g
  • Slow dried tomatoes
  • Tomato chilli chutney 227g
  • Ploughmans chutney 227g
  • Black truffle salt 90g
  • Peppercorn blend
  • Smoked sea salt 120g
  • Herbes de provence 20g
  • Chipotle chilli 40g
  • Harissa powder 45g
  • Cumin seeds 45g
  • Paprika 50g
  • Garam masala 40g
  • Linguine 500g
  • Tubetti regati 500g
  • Pesto alla genovese PDO 180g
  • Sun dried tomato pesto 180g
  • Passata sauce 530g
  • Tomato and basil sauce 280g
  • Tomato olive sauce 280g
  • Orange juice 75cl
  • Apricot nectar 750ml
  • Sparkling apple juice 750ml
  • Red white & blueberry granola 350g
  • Cacao & coconut porridge 400g
  • Sweet biscuit tin 450g
  • Large shortbread selection tin 840g
  • Apricot compote 385g
  • Strawberry compote 385g
  • Raspberry jam 227g
  • Almond nut butter 230g
  • Oxfordshire honey 220g
  • Honeycomb trio 240g
  • Strawberry vanilla jam 227g
  • Seville orange marmalade 227g
  • Dreamtime tea caddy 180g
  • Earl grey tea caddy 180g
  • English breakfast tea caddy 180g
  • Coffee ground 250g
  • Chocolate coffee beans 125g
  • Chocolate shortbread hearts tin 340g
  • Salted caramel hearts 250g
  • Chocolate mint thins 200g
  • Garden hand lotion geranium
  • Garden hand wash geranium
  • Diffuser fig gift set
  • Bergamot garden candle 52 hours

Carefully packed by hand in two large white wicker hampers.

For every Daylesford Organic hamper sold, we will plant a native broadleaf tree as part of our ongoing commitment to promoting biodiversity and restoring wild habitats. Find out more here.

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