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Beetroot Red Alvro Mono Seeds
Beetroot Red Alvro Mono Seeds

Beetroot Seeds


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These beetroot seeds let you grow your own crops of Red Alvro Mono (beta vulgaris) at home, which have smooth skins, solid red flesh and tender green tops.

Our organic Market Garden at Daylesford provides organic fruit, vegetables, flowers and foliage all year round. Now you can discover the joy and benefits of growing your own crops from scratch with our range of our most loved seeds, all certified organic by the Soil Association.

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1 Prepare soil with rich compost.
2 Sow directly into soil, early sowings respond well to being grown under horticultural fleece.
3 Sow 2cm deep, 5cm between seeds
in rows at 30cm apart.
4 Thin to 15cm spacing to allow roots to swell.
5 Keep well watered to avoid roots going woody and to avoid mildew on leaf in the late summer
6 Harvest when roots are golf ball sized for baby beets or tennis ball sized for main crop sized.


Store in a cool, dry place



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