Tiller Blush Napkin Set - Daylesford

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Tiller Blush Napkin 1032×1032
Tiller Blush Napkin 1032×1032Tiller Pink Blush Napkins 1032×1032

Tiller Blush Napkin Set


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Our Tiller table linen range is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. The Tiller linen tablecloths and napkins are made to our own design from 100% washed linen and produced by a small textile manufacturer renowned for their beautiful colours.

Daylesford table linens have Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. The GOTS label is an assurance that the items are made with organic fibres, with strict production standards that guarantee ecological and social responsibility along the whole supply chain.

GOTS certification means:

  • Textile fibres/materials must be at least 95% organic and never from GMO crops
  • Workers’ rights are protected with safe and hygienic working conditions
  • Any dyes, oils and inks used must be biodegradable, low impact and free from harsh chemicals
  • Wastewater is handled properly
  • All energy and water use is monitored

Includes a set of two

55cm x 55cm

Wash at 40°C

Made in the EU

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