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DF Sweet Pea Seeds Collection 1032×1032
DF Sweet Pea Seeds Collection 1032×1032Sweet Peas Heaven ScentSweet Peas Jilly

Sweet pea seeds


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A selection of sweet pea seeds (Lathyrus odoratus) from our Market Garden. All varieties have been selected by our Head Market Gardener for their scent and suitability for cutting.

Our organic Market Garden at Daylesford provides organic fruit, vegetables, flowers and foliage all year round. Now you can discover the joy and benefits of growing your own crops from scratch with our range of our most loved seeds, all certified organic by the Soil Association.

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  1. Sow onto surface of compost in seed tray.
  2. Cover the seeds in soil once sown. The seeds are large and should not dry out.
  3. Put seed tray into polythene bag.
  4. Maintain humidity and keep around 20°C.
  5. Remove from plastic bag once seeds germinated.
  6. Place into 9cm pots once large enough.
  7. At 15cm tall, plant in a sheltered sunny position.
  8. Allow one square foot per plant.

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