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Venison Mince 10%
Venison Mince 10%venison-casserole

Organic Pastured 10% Fat Venison Mince 500g



We’ve been farming organically for over 35 years, meaning our animals enjoy their natural grass and forage-based diet, growing into strong and healthy animals, free from unnecessary chemicals, antibiotics and GM feed.

We choose British breeds who thrive in their native landscape and encourage healthy biodiversity on our farm. We avoid waste of any kind, so manure and kitchen waste compost are returned to the soil as rich natural fertilisers. We have built our own abattoir to ensure the highest animal welfare and reduced food miles, which results in better tasting meat, and we spread our message far beyond the boundaries of our own fields.

Each step of our journey is made with a conscience, and a love for food.

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Preparation & Use

For PERFECTLY cooked venison, our head chef recommends:

Pan Fry:
Pour a little oil into a frying pan and cook for 4-6 minutes until browned. If preferred, drain off excess fat. Add a good beef stock, seasonal vegetables and a sprinkling of sea salt and frshly ground black pepper. Bring to the boil and reduce heat to simmer for 20 minutes until the meat is thouroughly cooked and your kitchen smells delicious.

Instructions are a guideline only as appliances may vary. Wash hands, knives and surfaces thoroughly before and after preparing raw meat.


Keep refrigerated 0-5ᵒC. Consume within the use by date. Once pack is opened use on the same day. Suitable for freezing on day of purchase. Use within one month. Defrost fully before use. Do not re-freeze once defrosted.


You’ll never be given a plastic carrier bag in our farmshops, and for this packaging we’ve chosen a tray that is 70% post-consumer recycled material. Like this FSC-certified cardboard, it is fully recyclable.

Other Information


UK 4707 EC

Packaged in a protective atmosphere


per 100g
Energy Kj 433kJ
Energy Kcal 102kcal
Fat g 1.6g
(of which saturates) g 0.7g
Carbohydrates g 0g
(of which sugars) g 0g
Fibre g
Protein g 22g
Salt g 0.3g
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