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Whey Protein Sourdough
Whey Protein Sourdough

Organic Protein Whey Sourdough 500g


Our organic protein whey bread is the newest addition to our sourdough range. Soft, chewy sourdough made by hand in our farm’s bakery with our high protein blend of ancient khorason, hemp and amaranth grains and leftover whey from our farm’s organic creamery.

Our bakers roll the loaves in pinheads oats and slowly ferment the dough to develop the flavour.

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Organic Ingredients

Whey (milk), Fortified Wheatflour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate*, iron*, niacin*, thiamin*), Wholemeal Wheat Flour, Wheat Leaven (Fortified Wheat Flour, Water*), Hulled Millet Seeds, Hemp Protein Powder, Amaranth Seed, Pin Head Oatmeal (2%), Salt*.

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