Organic Daylesford Cheddar 250g | 500g | 750g | Daylesford

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Organic Daylesford Cheddar 250g | 500g | 750g


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The rich, non-homogenised, organic milk from our pedigree herds of British Friesians goes straight into the creamery, where we make our artisan cheeses by hand. Our award-winning, muslin-wrapped organic cheddar is aged for up to 8 months to develop it distinct full flavour.

This is a fresh product cut from a truckle of cheddar, minimum shelf life of 7 days.

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Organic Ingredients

Pasteurised non-homogenised  cows’ milk, Added Ingredients: Salt*, Animal Rennet*


Contains non-homogenised  cows milk.

Storge Advice

Keep refrigerated.

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