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Organic Nourish Bundle


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This season, we invite you to save money and feed your body with what it wants for health and happiness with this nutritious bundle of our most popular Real Meals – all made by hand on our farm with the simplest organic ingredients.

The chefs on our farm release the hard-to-get collagen and gelatin by slowly cooking the bones from our own organic, grass-pastured animals for hours to make nutritious bone broth. Our nutritionist recommends drinking a cup of organic bone broth a day for optimum gut health.

With three packs of our popular 10 Hour Beef Bone Broth and four packs of our Chicken & Vegetable Broth, this bundle provides vital nourishment, comfort and warmth: ideal for when time is limited.

The convenient pouches can be stashed in the freezer so an easy, healthy meal is always on hand.


With pastured beef brisket & pearl barley.
We simmer organic beef bones for ten hours to release the gelatin and minerals held within. Bone broths are rich in protein, and the nutrients from the bones support the body’s detoxification process, a happy gut and beautifully healthy skin.


A richly nourishing and cleansing broth with all the goodness of chicken bone stock, poached chicken and seven different seasonal vegetables. Contains Vitamin C, which supports a healthy immune system throughout the colder months, and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

This is a fresh product, minimum shelf life of 4 days. 

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