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Coffee Beans
Coffee Beans

Organic Coffee Beans 250g


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We’ve found people just as passionate as us about where food comes from, how it’s grown and how it tastes to bring you this bag of delicious, ethically sourced coffee.

Our roaster chooses coffees from farmers who promote sustainable farming practices, just as we do at Daylesford, and the farmers are paid a fair price, enabling them to support themselves and for their communities to grow.

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Arabica coffee (100%)

To Prepare

Grind finely for espresso machines, stove top pots or aeropress, medium for a filter or dripper and coarse for a cafetiere. Use one rounded tablespoon of grounds per cup. In an aeropress stir the grounds and water for 10 seconds before pressing. In cafetiere, leave the grounds brewing for 4 minutes before plunging. Keep your coffee maker clean as coffee oil build-up tastes stale.

Storage Advice

Once open, roll the top of this pack down tightly and secure. Best stored cool, in an airtight container and enjoyed within two weeks.




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