activated walnuts with salt
activated walnuts with salt

Organic Raw Activated Walnuts With Himalayan Salt 70g


A long soak in filtered Himalayan salted water before slow drying, activates the germination process which make the goodness inside these nuts more plentiful, and easier for your body to absorb

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Walnuts, Himalayan pink salt


Contains nuts, may contain traces of sesame and mustard.

Remember small children can choke on nuts. May contain pieces of shell. Natural product, may vary.


Nutritional Information per 100g per serving 30g
Energy kJ 1842 552.6
Energy kcal 438 131.4
Fat g 27 8.1  
Saturates g 0.2 0.06  
Carbohydrate g 41 12.3  
Sugars g 36 10.8  
Fibre g 2.7 0.81
Protein g 8 2.4
Sodium g 0.25 0.075


Store in a cool dry place.  Once opened store in an airtight container

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