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White Peony
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Organic White Peony Loose leaf Tea Caddy 30g


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Precious white tea gathered in the Fujian province of China, by expert growers seeking the tenderest buds and leaves. After gentle picking by hand, they are dried under the open sky in wicker baskets. This short, natural drying process preserves the leaf tips and the mild, elegant taste.

Grown sustainably without pesticides or unnecessary chemicals, better for your health, our environment, the land; & we think it tastes better too.

Selected from organic estates and co-operatives in the ethical tea partnership which supports farming communities & sustainable farming methods.

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To Prepare

Measure 1 teaspoon if tea per cup (200ml water) into a teapot or strainer, pour on freshly drawn boiled water and infuse for 5 minutes, drink without milk.

Organic Ingredients

Pai mu tan white tea.


Store in a cool dark place.

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