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Farley Side Table/Bench 70cm



The wise old oak tree in our organic Market Garden is a meaningful landmark for us at Daylesford, a symbol of our connection to nature and commitment to sustainability.

Our new Farley range of outdoor furniture honours the beauty of natural oak timber. The clean, architectural lines of the solid statement pieces in this range are inspired by the furniture in the courtyard near our Shepherd’s Hut at the farm.

A versatile piece that could either be used as a side table or a bench. The same height as our 180cm Farley benches, this 70cm version is ideal for positioning at the end of the 180cm Farley dining table, or in sets of three along on either side of the 250cm Farley dining table.

Robustly constructed with carefully sourced European oak, each piece in the Farley range has been heavily brushed to showcase the natural grain of the wood and create additional texture. An opaque white oil finish serves as a protective weather- and UV-resistant treatment that reduces shrinkage and swelling.

Over time, the pieces will change and gain more character; being exposed to the elements may cause hardening and the surface may roughen and develop small cracks. We love this characteristic of natural wood and encourage you to embrace it. Regular application of an oil slows this process down – see further care information for more details.

Colour: White

Dimensions: 70cm x 46cm x 42cm

Please contact our Personal Shopping team to place an order: Call: 0800 083 1233 or Email: GUEST.SERVICES@DAYLESFORD.COM

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We always recommend using coasters and placemats on tables, to avoid accidental scrapes and marks caused by crockery.

We recommend covering your Farley furniture with a waterproof cover in cold and wet weather. On solid surfaces such as table tops, it is best to allow air to circulate by ensuring the cover is raised a little.

If covered over the winter, there is a small chance the oil finish may yellow, which should reverse with sun exposure.

Do not jet wash.

Clean your furniture regularly to remove lichen, moss, bird droppings and so on by wiping with a damp cloth or a specialist spray (we recommend the osmo exterior spay cleaner; please refer to the osmo website for further guidelines on these products).

Avoid using household detergents.

To slow down the weathering process and nourish the wood, apply a small amount of exterior oil (we recommend the osmo country colour 2101 white; refer to the osmo website for further guidelines on these products) once a year to your furniture, or when water no longer beads on the surface of your furniture.

One light coat can be applied using a roller or brush without any sanding required.

We recommend that any spills, particularly red/acidic substances such as red wine, are wiped away with a cloth as quickly as possible to avoid staining – ideally within the hour.

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