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ALFF Book Cover
ALFF Book CoverA Love For Food 2020 – Gooseberry fool pageA Love For Food 2020 – Tomato & Feta SaladA Love For Food 2020 – SardinesA Love For Food 2020 – Broad Bean Bruschetta

A Love For Food (2020 edition)


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A Love for Food is the pioneering cookbook from Daylesford’s founder Carole Bamford. Sharing the story of why and how Carole started out on a path to farm organically, the book also contains over 150 timeless recipes – family favourites passed down to her by her mother and grandmother, alongside recipes from our own farm kitchens, many of which have been on our menus for years.

The recipes transport you through the seasons, with light and simple spring tarts and summer salads, to heartier stews, pies and soups to bolster and see you through the winter months. There are also some of our much-loved puddings and cakes, including Daylesford stalwarts such as our double chocolate brownies.

Originally published in 2013, this 2020 edition of A Love For Food includes refreshed recipes and images, as well as a new introduction by Carole Bamford, a section on sustainability and a bold new cover.

‘Growing and consuming food sustainably have never been so important and I hope that as you cook your way through the book, you will not only love the recipes; you will be inspired to play your own part in helping to preserve nature’s larder for the generations that follow.’
– Carole Bamford

‘In this beautiful book, Carole Bamford tells us why she loves food, how she chooses ingredients, how she grows and nurtures them and most importantly, how she uses them to cook. This is a book that will inspire and teach you, one that you will go back to again and again.’

– Ruth Rogers

‘Real, simple, organic and sustainable food is what Daylesford offers – and these are the recipes for putting it on your table.’
– Raymond Blanc

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The paper is recycled, the cover is paper and linen


250mm x 190mm x 37.5mm

384 pages

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