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NEW: Mediterranean Leoube Gin 70cl


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Distilled with olives from our groves and wild Mediterranean herbs, Léoube’s gin will transport you to Leoube’s protected corner of Provence. Delicately flavoured and subtle in taste, it is reminiscent of warm summer evenings spent outside taking in the scent of wildflowers and fresh sea air. It can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in simple cocktails which enhance its complexity.

Traditionally made in partnership with an award-winning French distillery, each botanical is distilled in separate copper stills using grape base alcohol from our winery. Every batch is meticulously blended by master distillers, guided by the Léoube team, to create gin completely unique to Léoube.

The nose is elegant, fruity and expressive beginning with soft sweet citrus fruit and citrus leaves which is complemented by a heady bouquet of aromatic gin spices. The palate is smooth and complex as citrus mixes with discreet notes of anise and pepper, finishing with subtle rosemary at the end of the mouth. This gin will take you on a journey to the Mediterranean coastline thanks to its salinity and rich botanical flavours.

70cl – 41.5% abv


50ml Mediterranean Gin by Léoube
1 bar spoon crushed pink peppercorns
1 bar spoon dried orange pieces
1 bar spoon Léoube olive oil

• Place the peppercorns into a mixing glass and crush lightly using a pestle.
• Fill the glass with ice cubes and add the gin and dried orange.
• Stir with a mixing spoon for about ten seconds.
• Pour into a glass and float the olive oil on top.
• Enjoy straight or with a dash of tonic water.


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