sustainable wellbeing

Organic free-range food is best for your wellbeing and our earth

Join us in a pledge to make constructive, inspiring New Year’s resolutions to make a difference, starting within your own homes and lives.

The first Daylesford Discusses event of 2018 was all about helping you feel empowered to take important steps towards better sustainability.

notes from daylesford discusses: sustainability 

zero waste

We don’t waste a scrap of food, and by 2020 will be sending zero to landfill

We compost, reuse and recycle at every opportunity and value the true cost of real food.

The hidden cost of food in the UK is having a detrimental effect on our health, our environment and our soil so we must shop wisely to avoid waste associated with mass-produced, artificially cheap food.

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Our farm continues to change the face of British farming

Get a deeper knowledge of our farm and best practice from around the UK and discover more about how agriculture is changing for the better, and it will help inform purchasing decisions.



By 2020, our farm will be 75% energy self-sufficient

Clean energy starts with cutting back on consumption – so switch off lights and electrical devices not in use. Consider your mode of transport, and if you’re buying a car, why not go electric? You can then charge up using our solar panels at the Farmshop on one of our car charging stations.

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We are committed to saving our most vital pollinators

Bees are essential to life as we know it. To help protect them, plant some flowers, buy organic and leave a little wild space in the garden.



Our goal is 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging

We prefer to display our food in its natural state and have always chosen to give our customers paper rather than plastic carrier bags. Bring one of our sturdy paper bags back to use again, or recycle.

Invest in reusable cups for your daily coffee fix. If you bring a clean, reusable cup or salad box to a Daylesford Food-To-Go counter, you will save 50p

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buy once, buy well

plant food

choose seasonal organic produce grown close to home

Our menus cater for all dietary requirements we believe that if you do choose to eat meat, it is best to eat less but better quality. To help, on every Monday in 2018, our specials boards will feature vegetarian and vegan dishes and we have a vast array of recipe inspiration for delicious meals at home. 

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