Packaging: progress and improvements

Packaging: progress and improvements

From our organic farm to our farmshops and cafés, everything we do is with sustainability and regeneration in mind, for the benefit of our environment, our soil and our future.

Sustainability has always been a focus since we began farming as nature intended over 40 years ago. Today, our Soil Association organic credentials and B Corp certification serve to reinforce this core value.

We have ambitious goals when it comes to things like reducing packaging across all areas of our farmshops and cafés. Where possible, we choose reusable packaging and prefer recyclable or renewable materials such as glass, metal, wood, card and paper which are 100% recyclable at kerbside. We are always learning, improving, challenging, and pushing the boundaries a little more. Small changes can have a big impact and we wanted to share some of the most notable improvements we have made recently.


We love to pile the seasonal fruit and vegetables in our farmshops high in wooden crates, wrapped only in their natural skins, leaves and rinds. Not only does this look beautiful, it also helps to avoid unnecessary and problematic plastic packaging and food waste, in line with the latest research and guidelines from WRAP, because people can help themselves to exactly what they need.

The only exception are the bags of mixed salad leaves grown in our Market Garden, which we seal on site for freshness. In this case, the plastic bag helps prolong the life of each delicate leaf, which serves to reduce overall food waste.

We have never given out plastic shopping bags at Daylesford and encourage our customers to bring their own containers to our Zero Waste pantry at the farm. 


We use glass containers for many of our food and drink items at Daylesford. Glass is reusable, easily and endlessly recyclable, can be melted down to make new glass products over and over again. Our glass jars and bottles already contain 25–50% recycled glass.

We choose materials that are already recycled, or those that can be recycled or composted. Absolutely everything must be GM-free in line with Soil Association organic standards and our own passion for farming as nature intended.

If plastic must be used for food safety and quality reasons, we select materials with the best life cycle credentials. Meanwhile, we are exploring all possible sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics, with a view to removing it completely.


Made of tin, these caddies are reusable and can be recycled infinitely without loss of quality. They are also excellent for repurposing, making useful containers for your pantry shelves and other storage needs.


Our sustainable, collectible tins can be used as stylish storage for years to come; look out for limited editions featuring illustrations by some our favourite artists. Our savoury biscuit tins are now wrapped in tissue paper instead of single-use plastic.


Anyone who brings a reusable cup or container to Daylesford is rewarded with 50p off their hot drink or food-to-go item. We were also determined to provide a more environmentally sound option for people who forget their reusable cups, so sourced bagasse lids made from sugar cane, a fully compostable material.


Earlier this year we switched to using completely natural, biodegradable straws at Daylesford. Made from wheat stalks, they are plant-based, non-toxic, plastic free, food safe and will not pollute our environment like conventional straws.


We have started using 100% compostable cellulose in every element of our bakery packaging, from the paper to the plastic window and the glue that holds it together. We have already used 10,000 fewer single-use cellophane plastic bags and will roll this packaging innovation out to more products in the future.