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  1. Simple Pickled Vegetables

    We love these pickled vegetables alongside the likes of seared mackerel, they also make beautiful garnishes for canapés and light salads.

    To master the art of preserving, join the Cookery School for their Pickles, Preserves & Ferments course and learn how to fill your larder with intresting and delicious jars to turn to at any time.

    Discover more about this course HERE.

  2. Pan Seared Mackerel With Pickled Rhubarb & Land Cress

    This piquant rhubarb pickle is the perfect complement to rich, oily mackerel. It is also lovely served alongside creamy soft cheese or smoked fish and will keep happily for a week or so in your fridge. Quick to make and pleasing to the eye, this is a dish The Cookery School often teaches on their Seasonal Dinner Party courses.

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