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Nila Zero Waste Rug Blue 1032×1032
Nila Zero Waste Rug Blue 1032×1032

Nila Blue Rug


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Handmade at Nila House in Jaipur, a cultural centre dedicated to preserving India’s natural dye and handloom textile traditions. Part of the Lady Bamford Foundation, Nila is a charitable initiative that aims to share resources and knowledge, support sustainable design and celebrate craftsmanship. 

Nila means ‘blue’ in Sanskrit, inspired by the characteristic hue of natural indigo dye which is carefully grown, fermented and extracted from the indigofera tinctoria plant – kind to the soil and the artisans who use it. 

Made from material that would otherwise be wasted.

Each rug is unique and measures approximately: 118 cm x 182 cm

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