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210005700 DF GREEN PORTABLE BBQ 1032×1032
210005700 DF GREEN PORTABLE BBQ 1032×1032

Green Portable BBQ


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Made with coated steel, this green portable BBQ is ideal for barbecues and outdoor dining over the summer months.

This portable BBQ is intended for outdoor use only; it is weather-proof but we recommend storing indoors when not in use.

To prepare the portable BBQ for cooking, first unfold legs fully so it stands securely. Position on a level, heat-resistant surface in an open area that is free from fire hazards.

Ensure charcoal pan is in the correct position. Add a layer of charcoal to the pan and place the cooking grid on top. Light the charcoal and wait for the coals to turn white before cooking.

Use the handle provided to move or reposition the grill; avoid touching the cooking grid directly when it is hot.
Wait for the barbecue to cool down fully before moving; do not attempt to touch or move when the barbecue is in use or still hot.

32cm x 25cm x 46cm

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