Hazel Gardiner's Gift Guide

Hazel Gardiner's Gift Guide

We always look forward to the masterclasses and workshops at Daylesford hosted by Hazel Gardiner, a floral designer, gardener, teacher and broadcaster based in London who uses natural materials to create unexpected, bold and contemporary designs.

We couldn’t wait to see what she would choose for her gift guide and her selection does not disappoint. Alongside a variety of pots and vases for floral designs, Hazel has picked out beautiful pieces for the home and garden and her favourite food and drink.

"Gifting to me is an opportunity to unearth the vaults of information I have about loved ones. I’m known to overthink presents but I take so much pleasure honouring connections with gifts that resonate. Every year I’m thankful to enjoy the company of much-loved friends and family, some old, some new, all worthy of celebrating. Savour the art of giving with deep thought, however modest or grand the gesture, the rewards will benefit you both."




"Fragrance is a sense we pay great attention to when designing an event. Fig Leaf, as featured in this Fig Leaf Scented Home Hamper is a particular favourite as it’s both fresh and soothing. Light a candle or turn over diffuser reed sticks an hour before guests arrive to guarantee they are enveloped in scent. The wicker basket is perfect for storing kitchen garden harvests or dried flowers.

"This Kindling candle has all my favourite notes for those of us yearning for the smells of an open fire. The perfect scene setter.


I always like to add a natural flourish to place settings. You can begin your gifting at the table by adding mementos for guests to take home. These Bee & Butterfly Friendly Seeds are the perfect choice; they help important pollinators and will be a summer memory of the previous year’s festivities. Write guest’s names on the packet to double up as a botanical place card.

The most successful tablescapes layer colour and texture. Printed in England, these artist designed crackers pay homage to the animals on Daylesford’s farm.

This year brought a new garden studio and with it, striped wallpaper. These glasses fit well and with a nod to festive candy stripe. Each one is handcrafted giving them beautiful individuality.


Throughout the year we grow, harvest and dry as many flowers as we can. This shiny clay pot is a match made in heaven for dried hydrangeas, statice, echinops or fresh foliage that doesn’t require water such as lunaria, bracken, spruce or alder twigs with dangling catkins.

A small bud vase with a funnel neck is a must for any flower enthusiast. This design holds flowers perfectly in place, enabling drama without copious amounts of blooms. Place single stems at different heights to add depth and impact.

Fritillaria are one of my favourite flowers due to their natural uncontrolled twists and turns. Side plates mustn’t be forgotten and here they may take centre stage.


In my house, Christmas equals cocktails. These pre-mixed cocktail bottles are beautifully decorative and can be used to display flowers or tapered candles once the last drop has been poured.

Elevate your mince pies by serving warm with a generous dollop of cream and these chocolate dipped cherries on-top.

Serving mulled wine outside? We think of all eventualities when designing spaces. Provide a blanket and your guests will thank you for your thoughtful consideration. The perfect green for summer picnics too.