Patrick Mavros's Gift Guide

Patrick Mavros's Gift Guide

Patrick Mavros is a renowned, family-run luxury brand that specialises in jewellery and other silverware. We asked Alexander, one of the four Mavros sons, for their Christmas gift guide.

"Christmas is about colour and this year, for me, the colour is green. It’s been very dry where we live in Africa and we long to embrace the life force it gives."

"I love the idea of a table filled with all different types of the Idbury green rimmed glasses, charged with delicious Léoube and a punchy G&T, that really pushes you into the festivities."

"I’ve also chosen the Forager’s Hamper, the knife looks like it will be used for many years afterwards…always the sign of a good hamper..."

"...and of course I can't resist  the call of the wild with a Huntsman’s Pie."