Winter wellness notes

Winter wellness notes

The tips below from our resident nutritionist and naturopath Rhaya Jordan will help you stay strong and have a wonderful, healthy winter.


While nothing can replace a balanced and varied diet, supplementing with high-dose concentrations of nutrients is another way to look after ourselves.

Daylesford’s range of high dose, food-based supplements has been designed to address common concerns and support your nutritional needs when diet and lifestyle may be lacking.


It is easy to remember in summer, however winter’s central heating, warming fires and cold winds can all be very dehydrating. Drinking lots of fluids through the cold months is incredibly important.

Keeping well hydrated helps your skin stay plumped up and clear. Water, fresh juices and hydrating drinks can also improve your digestion, especially when eating heavier meals. If you enjoy the occasional alcoholic drink, ensuring you keep your liver hydrated is even more crucial.


Though not winter-specific, this advice is as useful in the darker months as it is in mid-summer: always have some good quality snack food on hand.

I would recommend something protein-rich like almonds or good quality cheese. In general, feeling well fed and hydrated helps you make better choices in snacking.


Nutrient-dense food absolutely can feel like a treat, even if you have no energy to cook – think smoked salmon, slices of artisan sourdough, a selection of quality cheese and nuts, seasonal fruits and winter salads instead of sugar-laden junk food from packets. 


It’s tempting to hit the hay earlier as the days get shorter and sometimes this is a brilliant way to improve your sleep habits before the days get long again.

Taking B vitamins and a magnesium supplement with a large glass of water before bed can help you wake up feeling refreshed the next day; overnight they will get to work on supporting your liver and clearing your system. Browse our HUSH range of supplements for gentle amino acids, minerals and herbal formulas.

Then, when you wake, have a pint of water next to the bed to begin the day well hydrated. By the time we reach spring you will be feeling fabulous.

Find more seasonal inspiration by browsing our recipes, at our wellbeing workshops led by Rhaya or on a course at our Cookery School.