Daylesford Organic B Fresh Cold Pressed Juice 50ml

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Cold Press Juice b Fresh 1032×1032
Cold Press Juice b Fresh 1032×1032

Daylesford Organic B Fresh Cold Pressed Juice 50ml


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An intense shot of cold pressed goodness – ginger, lemon, turmeric and honey.

This product has  a 2 day shelf life

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What is Cold Pressed?

All our juices are cold pressed.  Put simply, this means that organic fruits & vegetables are washed then passed through large rollers that extract the juice without using any heat at all.  The importance of not using heat is to retain the highest level of nutrients, vitamins and minerals as possible, producing the closest thing to a raw juice as we can – safely.

To ensure the cold pressed bottled juice arrives to you fresh and still bursting with all of its nutrients, we use a method called HPP (High Pressure Processing). We never pasteurise.

Here’s the technical bit. HPP is a no heat food processing technology that allows juices made with vegetables and fruit to obtain a longer shelf life. The technology does not destroy the taste or the nutritional quality, unlike conventional heat pasteurising. HPP does however kill all nasty bacteria, yeasts and moulds, so that we can be sure you can safely enjoy your juice.

The bottles are put into a high pressure chamber which is flooded with cold water and subjected to three minutes of high pressure – equivalent to five times the pressure in the deepest ocean. The process both makes the juice safe and gives it shelf life.



Carrots, apples, celery, lemon, ginger, ginseng.


Celery. Made in an environment which handles nuts and celery.


Perishable. Keep below 5°C.

9 days shelf life.

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