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Family Butcher Box 1032×1032
Family Butcher Box 1032×1032

Family Butcher Box


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Popular choices from our butcher’s counter that are ideal for feeding hungry families with your favourite recipes.

Family Butcher Box includes:

Whole chicken, 1.7kg – Our chickens live significantly longer lives than even ‘free-range’ chickens. As they forage, they make the most of our organic pastures, being a breed that naturally enjoys exploring. This all means their meat has time to develop its unique flavour.

Chicken Breasts, Skin off, 500gUnique flavour chicken breasts

Chicken Burgers, 280g Seasoned with onion, nutmeg and black pepper, these juicy organic chicken burgers are delicious with our brioche buns.

Smoked Streaky Bacon, 184gOur smoked bacon is a true smoke, using applewood chips to provide a deeply savoury flavour. The pork is from free range, organic, outdoor bred pigs, sourced from an organic farmer in Gloucestershire who shares our values in animal welfare and meat quality.

Pork Chipolata Sausages x 2 packs, 680g Our perfectly seasoned chipolata sausages are made at our Wootton estate using outdoor raised pork. Ideal for pigs in blankets or breakfasts with bacon, blue legbar eggs and toasted buttery sourdough.

Beef Mince 5%, 400gOur very own organic beef, raised on the lush grass pastures and wild forage of our own farms.

Beef Meatballs x 12, 300gDelicious served with our fresh pasta.

Cotswold Brown Eggs 1/2 Dozen – From hens freely ranging grass and clover pastures in the fresh air.

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