We grow over 25 varieties of heritage tomatoes on our organic farm. They’ve been soaking up wonderful amounts of sun over the past few weeks in the market garden, making them deliciously sweet and ripe. To help you choose the perfect tomato for your recipes, we’ve compiled this guide:


Perfect for salads, tarts & snacking


Sweet, golden orange cherry tomatoes that a great for adding a bit of colour. Delicious with any type of salad, but they look particularly good on this Heritage Tomato & Goats’ Cheese Tart.




A really popular little variety of cherry tomato – bright red and deliciously sweet. This is perfect for a traditional Greek salad with our greek-style cheese, kalamata olives and fresh mint leaves, or a classic English salad with lettuce, cucumber and salad cream.



This unusual dark cherry tomato has a rich, smoky-sweet flavour. Delicious with barbecued chicken or our Aberdeen Angus beefburgers, and a splash of balsamic vinegar and Leoube extra virgin.



Perfect for bruschetta, main course salads & cooking


Large, purple plum tomato with a rich smoky flavour. Their low acidity makes them perfect for cooking or bruschetta on our toasted sourdough, rubbed with garlic and drizzled with Leoube extra virgin.




This large old-fashioned variety is sweet and fragrant, with a meaty texture. Delicious in the classic Italian salad with thickly sliced with mozzarella, and a few fresh basil leaves.




This large, red tomato has beautiful yellow stripes that develop as it matures on the vine. They have a delicious well-balanced flavour which makes them perfect for bruschetta and cooking. Perfect roughly chopped and stirred through hot pasta with torn burrata, chopped fresh mint leaves and a drizzle of Leoube extra virgin.


If you’ve been in to our farmshops and tried our heritage tomatoes, we’d love to hear from you here, or show us a picture of your favourites on Instagram and Twitter @Daylesfordfarm and facebook.com/daylesfordfarm