At Daylesford we love to forage the evergreen foliage of the season, spending a morning gathering in our cutting garden and hedgerows, returning in the afternoon to create a beautiful natural decoration.

Here is our step-by-step guide on how to make a Christmas garland.


To begin you will need to cut a section of thick rope to the required length, onto which you will attach your foliage. Depending on if you wish your garland to hang with one drop, or if you would prefer two drops to create a rounded W shape, you will need to attach a fastening loop of string to the section of rope that will attach to your surface. This stage will be completed once all greenery has been fastened, however you may wish to consider this before you attach your foliage.


For decoration, we like to explore our farm hedgerows, take branches from the heritage orchard and foliage from our cutting garden. Look out for evergreen foliage for a longer lasting garland, such as ivy, Blue spruce, Scots pine and holly. Search for berries to add colour like hawthorn, rowans, rose hips or mistletoe. Cut each piece down to the size of your hand in length.


Attach a long piece of green or brown garden twine to your rope. Lay your first piece of foliage onto the rope at roughly a 45 degree angle and bind it twice to your rope by the stem. Lay your next piece of foliage in the same direction and angle over the top of the previous stem end and bind twice by its stem. Repeat this process until the rope has been entirely covered by beautiful greenery and you have reached the end of your garland. Remember to lay each section of foliage the same way each time. You can now attach your fastening loops.

Our floristry and garden teams in the Cotswolds can create bespoke seasonal decorations for you, call 01608 731700 to order yours in time for Christmas.

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