We are so excited about our new organic hams, made by hand in the new Daylesford Smokehouse located on the farm.

To ensure the best possible flavour and quality, we make ham with traditional methods in small batches, using curing salts, whole spices, herbs and whole legs of organic free-range Gloucestershire pork. We take our time over the curing and maturing process, allowing the flavours to develop fully. This is a more time-honoured approach than mainstream, mass-produced hams, which are often injected with brine to speed up the process.

There are four varieties, now available to buy over the counter by the slice, and also pre-packed from the chiller section:

  • Gloucester cured ham – a traditional ham which is marinated in a classic, simple brine recipe, letting the natural flavours of the pork come through. Perfect for ploughman’s lunches with cheese, chutneys and fresh apple slices.
  • Herb roasted ham – marinated in rosemary, thyme and garlic and then roasted in the oven. Delicious with soft cheese and a crusty baguette.
  • Orange & elderflower ham – With summer and our Hello Sunshine picnic theme in mind, thoughts turned to the traditional English hedgerow flavours of elderflower. After brining, the hams are soaked in fragrant elderflower syrup before being cooked with sliced oranges, which complement both the floral, fragrant elderflower and the high quality meat. This juicy, succulent ham is lovely in sandwiches of soft bread and crisp cucumber.
  • Smoked black ham – a unique, full flavoured variety made with in our own recipe of stout, molasses and juniper brine which soaks into the hams for up to fifty days, before being cold smoked over oak and finally cooked ready to serve. The longer brining and several stages gives a much greater depth of rich, complex flavour.

The hams are made using whole legs of organic free-range Gloucestershire pork, raised just a few miles from our farm. The pigs are bred to be hardy and outdoor-loving, producing heavy, succulent and tender hams from a natural, foraged diet.

Because we’re organic, everything from the Daylesford Smokehouse is free from unnecessary chemicals and GM. We don’t need any of the additives and flavour enhancers commonly injected in to factory produced ham.

Our new Daylesford Smokehouse launched alongside our new Hello Sunshine range, making packing a perfect picnic easier than ever. Create a beautiful spread with a variety of freshly sliced hams at the centrepiece, accompanied by organic summer salads, heritage tomatoes, artisan breads, award-winning cheeses, Eat to be healthy snacks and dips, seasonal puddings, washed down with lashings of refreshing drinks.