Though Christmas can be a time of excess, there is something deeply satisfying about how far your efforts in the kitchen can reach. A succulent organic turkey can become so much more than just a Christmas lunch or dinner. Flavourful leftovers can be crafted into sandwiches with thick farmhouse bread, transformed into hearty pies with leeks and ham, tossed with kale and cranberry in a lighter salad or simmered into warming, spiced curries to be served with bolstering vegetables and brown rice – and lest we forget the precious turkey stock, the mother of all bone broths that will nourish the family far beyond the festive period.

Invest in a bird that feeds more than you are expecting and plan in meals that feature your leftovers to glorious effect for the days after Christmas.

At Daylesford we breed traditional Bronze turkeys. All of our turkeys are reared outdoors with a wide grassy range to forage upon. Thanks to this natural, organic diet the flavour of both the white and brown meat is second to none. Beneath the skin is a nourishing layer of fat that will ensure that your cooked bird is not only flavourful but wonderfully juicy too. To find out more about how we raise our turkeys, click here.

For more tips and essential recipes for the upcoming festive season, download our Christmas recipe eBook.

Christmas Turkey Festive courses at the Cookery School

Turkey weights & cooking times

3kg – serves 6-8, will require around 1-1¼ hours to cook.

5kg – serves 10-12, will require around 2-2¼ hours to cook.

6kg – serves 12-14, will require around 2¼-2½ hours to cook.

7kg – serves 14-16, will require around 2¾-3 hours to cook.

9kg – serves 18-20, will require around 3¼-3½ hours to cook.