This autumn, our garden team are launching a new range of sustainable floristry classes in the Daylesford Workshop, each created to make the most of the seasonal blooms we grow in our organic Cutting Garden.

As we move through the seasons the classes will change to make the most of the flowers and foliage available on our doorstep that week. For autumn, bouquets and wreaths include foliage from our woodlands and hedgerows, dried flowers preserved from our summer Cutting Garden, and late season blooms such as amaranthus, scabiosa and poppy pods.

Our new classes are led by the importance of sustainability. We use traditional organic methods of growing, harvesting and tending in our Cutting Garden and never use synthetic fibres such as oasis, foam or plastic string and wrapping in our arrangements.

To give you an insight into the kind of experience you might enjoy in the Daylesford Workshop, our Head Florist Sarah Ann Butler has created this step by step guide to create a hand tied garden-style bouquet in five easy steps, taught on our beginners’ floristry class.

Step 1

Remove any foliage on the flower stems which will be below the tying point. Lay your chosen flowers and foliage out on a table or workbench so you can see what you’re working with. Cut a 50cm length of tying string ready to be used later.


Choose 3 or 4 stems of foliage to begin with and hold them together to be the main core of your bouquet. Then start to add flower stems, one at a time, spiralling the stems in one direction as you go. Keep turning the bouquet as you add in flowers so that you are adding evenly all the way round, keeping the flower stems higher in the bouquet than you might think necessary.


As the hand holding the bouquet starts to feel full, open the thumb and index finger of that hand into an ‘ok’ sign, so the stems open up into a triangle at the bottom. Now add shorter stems of flowers to finish the middle and skirt of your bouquet.


Make sure your bouquet is full and no stems have dropped, using the mirror to check at this stage. Using your pre-cut string, hold the bottom of the bouquet against your knee and tie tightly. Loosely shake the bouquet to loosen so that it looks natural, as if just picked from the garden.


Holding the bouquet, trim the bottom of the stems to one length, as straight as possible, so your bouquet stands on a table without support. Place into a vase filled with water or wrap in sustainably made paper to give as a gift.

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