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Elderflower Infused Honey – a guest recipe by Anna Greenland


“Elderflowers and honey are wonderful bedfellows. Slathered on toast or drizzled on pancakes and desserts, this is a tasty way to see in summer. I can’t stop sipping it from the spoon, and have to ration myself or it would all be gone in one sitting. The addition of roses (if you have them) elevates the flavour to another level.”

– Anna Greenland, a vegetable gardener and cook who is at the heart of the organic growing movement.



Lay your foraged elderflower heads out on a piece of parchment paper or baking tray and allow any insects to escape.

Pick off the flowers and discard the stems – it is only the blooms you want as stems are mildly toxic.

If space, add the elderflowers straight into your honey jar, or pack into a separate sterilised jar. Gently tear up any rose petals, if using, and add to jar too.

Pour the honey over flowers until covered and stir to release any air bubbles, adding more honey if necessary. Pop on the lid and gently turn jar up and down to further cover flowers. Repeat this gentle turning every few days.

Leave to infuse for 1 week at room temperature. If you want to add in more flowers each day you can.

After a week, strain out flowers through a sieve (you can use these to make a lovely sweet herbal tea) and store in fridge.

Consume within 1 month.

Elderflower Honey

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